On Monday, the 23rd of July, wildfires swept through forest and inhabited villages West and North-East of Athens. The fire took away the lives of dozens of civilians, including innocent children. At the time that this note is being written, the death toll has hit 80 people. Over 200 individuals have been injured, 1500 houses were destroyed, cars and businesses were burned away and people living in those areas have literally lost everything within a few hours.

We, the crypto community, have the duty to stand up for the people in need and provide our support in these difficult times. Please use the below button to donate to those families that were hit by the recent catastrophic events. Make sure you share this page with the rest of the crypto community; as more members become aware of our cause, the closer we get to reaching our goal. Thank you in advance for your support and contribution.


Argyris Xafis (@ArgyXafis)